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An Overview of the Educational Activities by Subject

 Math & Logic
Student will complete logic puzzles daily, read from books about math subjects (starting with geometry), use math websites to learn more about certain subject areas, and develop insight into mathematics as a whole.

Student will read all of the books on the list of the classics provided by the Classical Education book, forming opinions and understanding of the experiences related through literature across time.

Student will familiarize himself with the vocabulary of Latin, seeing the connections between the ancient language and the languages that are still alive today. When sufficient work has been done learning Latin, the student will move on to Greek. Then contemporary languages will be studied, beginning with French and Spanish, and expanding from there using any and all materials he can find.

Art & Design
Student will design and create original pieces of jewelry using metal clay and other jewelry-making materials. 

Student will continue to elaborate upon writing exercises, until confidence is gained, at which point original fiction writing will be explored.

Student will tune the ukulele everyday. When a good routine of tuning the ukulele has been established, the student will practice chords.

Student will read books about the various sciences, beginning with books about physics.